Messy hair and caffeine


HAGERSTOWN, Maryland- The only sound in the station is the clicking of the keys on the keyboard, as the crew that worked overnight is wrapping up patient care reports.  The last hour of the shift is spent wishing your relief comes early and dreaming of crawling into your own bed when you get home. The smell of coffee is wafting from the kitchen, where my partner just made a fresh pot…I hate the smell, it reminds of what time it is and just reenforces that I wish I was in bed.

“Was that the door,” I asked as the I heard the door open. Sigh. Finally our relief has arrived.

The on coming shift is well rested, smiling, laughing and happy to be clocking in…in a perfect world. All four medics sit around the table talking about the previous shift, our plans for the day, strange Facebook posts, and most importantly, if someone has a hair tie for Ann to borrow…she has to keep that mane tamed down.

It is a beautiful morning…the kind of morning that you roll your windows down and turn the music up a little louder. Everyone hates my music collection. But it doesn’t matter, the Backstreet Boys are speaking to my soul. The drive home is a time for decompressing.

Todd Bowman is a journalist, social media anchor and paramedic/firefighter in Maryland. Follow him on Twitter @todd_bowman87.

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