Pediatric patient flown from trampoline park in Hagerstown


HAGERSTOWN, Maryland – A pediatric patient was flown to Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. after sustaining injuries at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park off Insurance Way in Hagerstown Saturday evening.


“A 9-year-old male did a flip and landed wrong on (his) neck,” according to a supervisor with the Washington County Division of Emergency Services.


An ambulance from Halfway Volunteer Fire Department responded to the 4:57 p.m. incident and after assessing the patient requested Maryland State Police Aviation for transport to a specialty pediatric trauma center for evaluation, Halfway Volunteer Fire Department Chief Ed Ernst said during a phone interview.

The supervisor told that the patient was classified as a Category Alpha, Priority 1 trauma patient under the Maryland Institute of Emergency Medical Services Systems trauma decision tree- a mechanism EMS providers use to determine the severity of injuries and the appropriate destination for patient’s that have sustained trauma.

Hagerstown Fire Department responded to assist with securing the landing zone.

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Photos by CJ Rinhart.

Updated 8:58 a.m.

26 thoughts on “Pediatric patient flown from trampoline park in Hagerstown

  1. My daughter sustained a broken wrist that was so bad, it took several more weeks than usual to heal. We were also at this specific location. Regular jumping is not a bad thing, but they basically employ kids to let even younger kids do whatever tricks and flips they want.


  2. I was here and saw this happen. The jumped and then landed wrong, got up and ran to another court. The ambulance came and checked him out and they left. Its a Trampoline park people!!!! Of course injuries can happen!


    1. Read the article…this patient was flown out and classified a Category Alpha, Priority 1 trauma patient under the Maryland Institute of Emergency Medical Services Systems trauma decision tree…obviously not the same kid…


  3. Injurys happen with everything we do in life. Hopefully the child makes a fast recovery but hopefully this accident dosnt change anything in skyzone because flips twist etc is your own choice


    1. Agree I release healing in the name of JESUS to this boy now!! I thank you LORD that you heal and deliver us still today


  4. Kids need to be more careful & employees that’s assign to supervise kids should stop them when their trying to do more than enough🏃🏽Kids will be kids~~ They reminds us How we use to be”‼️ they all like to try out new tricks”.. but more” Can’ts “& stronger staff supervise”..have to be me instilled .. b4 More accidents starts getting more frequent & Otta Control ‼️~~~~~~~~Then SkyZone would become “An Unsafe place to be‼️👀👁


  5. I went to this location a few weeks ago on saturday and was disappointed with how many people they actually let in. There were so many kids you had to wait a while to actually jump which when you have paid a lot for 1 hour is frustrating. There is no way the 1 teenager per area is going to be able to control all the kids.


  6. You use this park at your own risk knowing the dangers of trampolines. The young kids are trained by adults.It is also the parent or adult to supervise their child.


  7. Prayers to the child who got injured, and to his family. We took our 12 yr. old there a few weeks ago, and the employees there SPECIALLY GAVE ALL THE RULES, AND NO FLIPPING WAS DEFINITELY 1 OF THEM., and they were really good about how many people they allowed in each session.


  8. The child kneed himself in the head and got a concussion…. This site really should get their facts straight before calling it a neck injury


    1. Neck injuries like this are not always immediately evident. With increased swelling of the spinal cord symptoms can take minutes to hours or longer to appear. I am sure that EMS assessed his symptoms as being consistant with neck injury and acted accordingly. You as a non-medical bystander could not assess him as having a concussion vs neck injury. Did you examine him yourself? When I worked in a PICU as a PNP I had to promise to never buy a trampoline after the numerous lectured my attending MD gave us. I’ve kept that promise but my kids go to SkyZone often. I do not allow them to do flips and hold them to my own strict rules and I supervise when possible. That’s hard to do when you are following your youngest and the oldest kid is running around with friends. I have seen many times that the young staff do not pay attention or enforce the rules. I have seen staff on there phones, talking with friends… Many times areas are left unsupervised because one teen is in charge of multiple areas. I’ve seen kids jump on top of each other in the foam pits, bump into one another at basketball hoops… I even saw adults vs young kids in dodgeball where a woman gave a little kid a bloody nose, blood everywhere, trailed down the entire place. They weren’t even going to close the zone for cleaning until I started yelling. Then they didn’t know how to handle blood, wiping bare handed with paper towels and windex. Then I still had to tell them that the dodgeballs had blood on them and to replace them. The manager never came out to help. Just clueless teens exposing themselves to blood born illnesses. In conclusion: I’m glad EMS acted fast because that improves chances of recovery. Parents need to stress rules and supervise when possible because ultimately we are responsible for setting limits for our kids. But if the staff is found incompetent, not meeting the expected minimal supervision then they (management) should be liable. It’s like going to a pool with a lifeguard who ignores a kid who dives in the shallow end. Who is to blame? Kid, parent, lifeguard Answer: all of the above


  9. Prayers for the little boy and his family. I know how they felt when their child was life flighted. My son at the age of 7 fell out of a tree. His elbow was on the other side of his arm and they didn’t know about his neck or any spinal injuries. They life flighted him to HERSHEY MEDICAL CENTER. I COULD NOT GO WITH HIM. WATCHING THAT HELICOPTER TAKE OFF WAS THE HARDEST THING I EVER SAW. PRAYERS AND LOVE TO THIS FAMILY. I HOPE HE IS DOING GREAT. MY SON DID GREAT. THEY PUT PINS IN HIS ELBOW AND NO SPINAL OR NECK INJURIES. SH


  10. All of these parks are extremely dangerous. You should never have more than one person jumping on a trampoline at one time! (I am a gymnastics coach)


  11. The story was updated in the Herald Mail! The child is home and doing fine it was NOT a neck injury. The child gave himself a concusion. Shock advised should be ashamed for calling it a neck injury and scaring half of Hagerstown. As a mother of 2 boys I’m sure I would be just as nervous if my child was hurt and I’m sure the helicopter was just being overly cautious.


    1. As a media outlet, we can only go by what information is reported to us. As you can see Shock-Advised received their information from a Washington County DES supervisor. Maryland EMS providers have protocols in place including where specific patients are transported and the mode they get there. Thank you for reading.


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