Shock-Advised.com is a blog that provides breaking and developing news and personal stories from the streets of Western Maryland focusing on today’s public safety personnel.

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The creator Todd Bowman has been involved in public safety his entire life. Growing up in a small town, his family was very active with the local volunteer fire department. Both of his parents instilled in Todd early in life the importance of giving back to the community. Contact Todd via e-mail at tbowman@shock-advised.com.

Todd received his paramedic from Hagerstown Community College in May 2007. He has been stationed in rural and metro areas of Washington County, Maryland over his decade as a paramedic. Todd graduated from Shepherd University in December 2016 with his Regents of Bachelors- Journalism degree. Working for a local newspaper as crime and court reporter, he quickly affirmed his calling to provide additional coverage of topics and issues related to todays public safety professional.

In addition to providing news the site follows the day-to-day life of a paramedic/journalist working in today’s public safety community and the effect it has on his personal and professional life. Shock-Advised also features stories written from the creator’s perspective with his own unique wit and sarcasm.

Story ideas, news tips, photographs and coverage requests are accepted via e-mail at news@shock-advised.com.

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